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Eye of the Panther Blog Post


Eye of the Panther Synopsis

One wishes for peace, the other longs for love. Together they find adventure.

Fighting an endless war Col. Jack Shepherd begins to question if what he's fighting for is really worth it. Tired of the bloodshed the colonel tries to fulfill the prophecy given to him. The task seemed simple enough; find the amulet known as the Eye of the Panther. The powerful amulet would supposedly grant the wearer powers that would end the war. But everything changes for the worse when he finds that the current wearer is a young elvish boy.

Getting kidnapped (or adopted) by a moody colonel, Hunga Pana Jr. finally begins to hope that he has found the family he has always long for. He would do anything to win the Colonel's heart, even use his precious amulet. If only he knew how to use it himself, that is.

Two opposing kings also want the amulet for themselves. Jack finds that he can no longer trust anyone and tries to protect the young boy at all costs.

Content Advisory:

If this was a movie, I would rate it PG13+ for violence, gore, intense fantasy/sci-fi themes, fantasy monsters eating humans, intense war scenes, and a case of a character drinking water that is tinted with blood, as well as other shenanigans that might be considered as content.

The “Eye of the Panther” is a Christian faith based story about the importance of family and doing the right thing in difficult situations.

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About Grace M. Morris

Every hero has an origin story. Grace M. Morris traveled into a story one time, and no one has been able to pull her back ever sense. It happened kinda sudden, but she found out that she could also create worlds for others to walk in. Ever since that fateful day she has been hard at work creating her own YA speculative stories with a Christian basis. She has self published the books in the "Team Vergate" series “Before” and “The Exile”. She also writes and publishes the episodes of the blog serial the “Eye of the Panther”.

Grace never stops listening to music while writing. When she is not hard at work creating her next world, she is trying to figure out this thing called life. Currently she is helping her Dad repair the house and helping her Mom with their kids craft website. She also loves to bake (especially cakes), draw, read, spend time with her pets, spend time with her family, and watch movies. Now in her twenties she resides in the state of Washington.

Important things about me:

Believer in Jesus Christ


Blog Serial Writer


Artist; Digital and with Pencils

Co-founder of KGMCrafts

Homeschooled Graduate

Night Owl


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And yours truly had the pleasure to interview this lovely individual, below are the questions

what first gave you the idea to write this story?

Short answer, I have no idea. XD Long answer, I watched "Zootopia" a couple years back and I really enjoyed the movie except for the romance subplot of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Then one day on YouTube I ended up finding a video of someone showing off the work of different artists that humanized Judy and Nick and I LOVED THEM. I really wanted to get better with my drawing and thought of no better way than to draw my pets as humans. I actually haven't drawn too many, still working on that part. XD

And somehow I came up with this. Don't ask why it's a fantasy, I can only guess that I have been enjoying my time reading books in that genre recently. I do know that the idea for the amulet came from my cat's blue collar which only he can wear, so there's that. Also my cat is a Bombay, which the history of the breed is fascinating. Apparently the breeder was trying to breed a household cat that looked like a wild panther. So there you go, the "Eye of the Panther". XD

so this story looks like it will focus mostly on the father/son type relationship, are there other relationship types that you are looking forward to delving into in this story? 

Absolutely! There are plans for romantic relationships (get ready to cast your ships, lol), sibling relationships, and friendships.

who is your favorite side character?


*Hugs all my characters* Don't worry my children, I love all of you! *Grabs Calida*

Sooo, Calida is probably my favorite side character. I really had to think about this, as I had three contenders, but I think that Calida wins in the end as she is the only character who is getting her own little novella which I hope to work on real soon. ("Daughter of the Phoenix"). Throughout the series she is known as Calida Hunter Songbird and she is a Thunderbird! I mean, what's not to love about her? She can create thunder, lightning, and teleport short distances. At this time, she is pretty small, only about the size of an eagle. And because she doesn't speak, umm, human, only a couple of the characters can actually understand her. But she's awesome, definitely one of the most fun and interesting side characters to write.

tell me a little about your main antagonist


*Starts sweating* Sooo, it was really difficult picking just one main antagonist. I was worried that this might contain some spoilers, so I can't really say much. Nyx and Varian are probably the main antagonists in the series. Though neither one of them are introduced until episode 9? 10? around that point. Nyx is a cursed fairy while Varian is a blessed fairy. (They have these really cool wings!) Varian for the most part follows Nyx's lead without interrupting her, but the minute Varian is alone? He is like the master of chaos.

Now don't get me wrong, the Black King and the Golden King will cause problems for the heroes, (primarily the Black King, because that guy is just not cool). But the difference between the two kings and Nyx is this: the kings want the amulet for lust of power or in hopes that it will end the war. While Nyx (I mean Varian too, but he doesn't quite have the motivation that she does) she wants the amulet for revenge.

And since I can’t say much about my main antagonists at this time, what I can say is a little about the fae in this series. Besides their own powers they also each have a book (called the Book of Blessings) that they use to write the names of mortals to give them powers. Though if a fairy was to use up all the pages in their book then they would give up their immortality. So most fairies refuse to bless any mortals except when they absolutely have a need too.

what part of a book (beginning, middle, climax, end?) do you find the most difficult to get through? Which part is your favorite to write?


I was going to say that writing the middle is the hardest part for me. I mean middles? Sometimes they just seem to drag, probably when most of my writer's block takes place. But endings? They are so hard! I usually know how I want to end the story. But I always wonder (especially in a series) if the ending is too vague, and then there's the issue of not ending it soon enough. So yeah, endings are hard.

My favorite part to write is definitely the beginning. There is always something so special about creating a new world and getting to see how it's normal for the hero before everything goes haywire.


Thanks for having me Nicki! You asked some really good questions and this was fun. =D

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