Saturday, January 4, 2020

Cover Reveal!

At long last I am going to share with you the cover for A Season of Subterfuge, Courtiers, and War Councils and can I just say how excited I am?

Because I'm pretty excited XD

So first of all the synopsis...

Thrust into a fight seven hundred years in the making, Chelsea and her friends find themselves against an immortal emperor. If they return the true heir of Ione to her rightful throne, then they will finally be free of the magical world of Amar. But that’s easier said than done. They will need the support of the other kingdoms of Amar if they hope to stand a chance at defeating Axius. But who would follow four kids into battle?

As assassins hound their every step, Chelsea and her friends struggle to find a way to call a War Council against Axius. Chelsea travels north to Renlain a land of dragons and secrets. With Easton as her only ally, she must learn to navigate a world where ballrooms are the battlegrounds and coy smiles hide deadly intents. And it seems that everyone with any amount of power wants them dead. As if having to constantly be on guard to avoid death via a poisoned drink or an assassin's blade is not enough, Chelsea also has to face her conflicting feelings for Easton.

Survival isn’t enough. They have to find a way to start this war. And they have to win it. Or else they will never get home. But victory will not come without a cost and to win they must sell their consciences. How far are they truly willing to go to complete this quest and get home?

And now without any further ado it is time to start scrolling.











What did you think I wasn't going to make you work for it just a little bit?









Did you notice the one that was only two dots?






























Ahhh! What do you think of the new cover? Unfortunately I don't have a set date for release yet, but stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime... feel free to just stare at the cover. I certainly shall be doing the same.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Blogging Collab

Hiya folks! Faith from The Writer's Song here today to rank all the ships from the My Time in Amar series (and also the spinoff series, Return to Amar.)

(A note from Nicki: please remember that this is all Faith's opinion not my own and also all images are from Pinterest)


Look, I don't mind Philip as a character. He's a sweetie with enough honor to fuel a spaceship, and he deserves waaaaaay more appreciation than the fanbase gives him. But letting him get anywhere near Chelsea is a mistake, and the two of them do NOT need to be together. Any ship moment they have is an abomination. Besides, they both have soul mates.


I don't hate this one quite as much as I hate Phelsea, if only because Fiona is such a sad, lonely, broken girl. She deserves better than what she gets, but she doesn't deserve Easton, if only because NO ONE deserves Easton. So I want Fiona to be happy... but not by route of this ship. It's just sad, honestly, and it's very one-sided.


Really? I don't know what to say about villain ships half the time. This one isn't as bad as the other two because it doesn't destroy my other ships? But the problem is that this is an extremely dysfunctional ship between a couple of ReALlY aTrOciOuS vIlLaInS and it's just problematic so. Can't rate this higher than this because NO THANKS


This one only ranks low by comparison. I love Philip and Fiona together--they're precious, adorable, and deserve each other entirely. I'd like to bash these two's faces together and force them to kiss, but since that's kind of rude, I just pine for them to get together from afar, which doesn't work. So...yeah. This one gets to be low on the list ONLY because everyone else is higher.


When the spinoff series featuring Maud and Orion happens, I'm thinking I'll probably ship this harder. For the moment, I just...have other favorites xD But these two are such a classic hate-to-love ship, that combines about every other ship trope under the sun in the most creative of ways, that I can't help loving it. (I mean, seriously. The sass master and the Tough Guy (TM). What could go wrong???)


Clint and Bobby is one ship that, looking at it, I'm not even sure WHY it works. Clint is immature and Bobby deserves better, and they don't even have that much chemistry. But for some reason, IT WORKS and I ship it ridiculously hard. So... yeah. They're such babies but I adore them despite it.


Olivia and Eugene. Ahh, me. What can you say about this ship that hasn't already been said? A sassy, bitter teenager from earth, meeting a handsome and just-a-bit-too-suave illusionist from a mysterious new world. It's another of those ships that SHOULDN'T work but just DOES. Also, Eugene rescued Olivia's shoe for her, and if that isn't ship material, I don't know what is.


Moving into my top three...we have Dante+Alicia in third place overall amongst the Amar ships. These two are the star-crossed, opposites attract lovers and they're just too precious for this world. Dante is a grumpy huntsman and Alicia is the flightiest and most adorable piece of fluff in existence (except for that time she threatened to murder him. Oops.) They work so perfectly, even if Dante would dispute that fact, and I ship it so hard it hurts.


My second place ship for Amar is one that is just undeniable in its perfection. Margareta starts off the series as a total airhead and useless character, but by book 2 and even into book 3 of My Time in Amar she's this steely-eyed, fierce girl who knows what she wants and needs and will fight tooth and nail to get it. And then Alexis is Teen Wolf, basically--broody, grumpy, angst embodied, and a disaster. Oh, and he's a werewolf, too. There's no way this could go wrong, right? Well, actually, not there isn't. It's JUST PERFECTION *flails*

and my number one ship...



How could it be anything else? Chelsea and Easton, my dudes. There is no. Other. Option. They're the actual bestest and I adore them. They're the childhood friends to lovers ship. Easton's love for Chelsea is so pure, and even if she's dragging her feet to catch up *rolls eyes loudly* I can't imagine either of them with anyone else. So presh. My babiiiiiieeeeeesssssss and the ultimate Amar OTP.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome to 2020

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the deal with the starry background is, and that may or may not be that my mind has moved from fantasy worlds to space for the time being, but I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. And this all certainly has nothing to do with the Mandalorian or X-Files being in my life.

But anyway happy 2020 everyone! I remember 2019 like it was just yesterday y'all.


Honestly, survival would be nice. Somehow everything piled up and now I am having oral surgery, leaving one job and going to another, and trying to tackle maneuverability so I can get my license all within weeks of each other and just *cue endless screaming*

So yeah my goal is basically just survival

A few other things of point is I would like to also work on:

Build stronger relationships with certain people in my life who I want to get to know better

Not stress as much (I'm off to a really great start with that *eye twitches like a maniac*

Art. keep sketching, try different styles and just practice lots. And also start on watercolors.

Actually read books again, including a few books that I made a commitment to read (sorry gals I promise I will get to them as soon as I can <3 thanks for being patient though)

Blog more. I took a lot of hiatuses. my blogging schedule got a little spotty there for a while, and honestly I don't have a set thing that I blog about so yeah. I am going to work on a very serious blogging schedule yadda yadda yadda... what that will entail will probably be lots of posts about writing, movies, and art. I may or may not also include book reviews, what do you all think of that idea?


Last year I had some crazy writing goals and not all of them were realistic so let's see if I can tone it down some this year.

  • Finish editing SoS and publish it in the earlier half of the year (sometime March-May hopefully)
  • Write and publish A Matter of Curiosity by my hopeful due date of October 13th
  • Write Darkness From the Stars and hopefully in time to pitch it at Realm Makers
  • Work on another project that I haven't revealed yet (mwahahaha)
  • Work on my SciFi series and possibly maybe publish it on Wattpad (more on that in a few weeks)
  • Actually edit A Winter Dark and Deadly
  • Figure out what exactly I am going to do with Of Gold and Iron

My word for 2020 is... THRIVE

So yeah, here we go. Let's do this thing.

Anyway, tune in later this week we have a blogging collab and then the long awaited cover reveal for SoS (you don't want to miss this). And next week I will be posting about doing something for my blogging anniversary so that a certain someone (I won't name any fingers or point any names but yeah she knows who she is) can finally get her revenge *rolls eyes*

Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys! What are some of your goals for this year?

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Wrap-Up

Hey guys, I just have a quick question for you. And that would be, WHERE THE FLIP DID 2019 GO????

I mean I know that stuff happened, and months passed. But a whole year? No, no, because I distinctly recall it was just 2018 it cannot possibly be 2020 already. I cannot possibly be mere months away from turning twenty, I mean... I'm not old enough to be twenty.

Okay so I guess since we are apparently going with the ruse that it has in fact been a whole year and we are in fact in 2020 already I better do a proper farewell to 2019 and mourn it and all that and also honor its memory with this little wrapup.

So at the beginning of the year I made a list of goals which you can find here.

Of my life goals I did in fact grow in my walk with God, begin eating healthier and actually lose weight, and I have mostly learned to drive though I still have to tackle maneuverability before I can get my licence. I did not in fact learn Spanish but oh well I didn't actually think I would.

Of my reading goals I really failed quite miserably. 2019 was the year of the never ending reading slump.

And we will get back to my writing goals later and how they panned out but first some other regular life things that deserve mentioning:

  • I started this blog
  • I got a car :O
  • I started taking drawing seriously and actually got better at it
One of my first drawings of the year

My last drawing of the year
  • I started painting
My latest paintings with the help of Bob Ross tutorial videos

And obviously a ton of other things happened too, but not all of them bear mentioning.

And now on to the writing updates:

Of my 2019 goals...

I did in fact finish A Winter Grim and Lonely and published it this past January.
I did not really touch A Winter Dark and Deadly unfortunately.
I did write A Season of Subterfuge, Courtiers, and War Councils and jokes on me because it ended up being over 150k words long and murdered me painfully
I also republished A Time of Trepidation, Pirates, and Lost Princesses
I only wrote about 40k words in A Matter of Curiosity before I decided to set it aside to focus on other projects.

My goal was to write 500k words, and that was clearly huge and I don't know why I made that goal or thought it was at all attainable I mean seriously...

I did however:

  • Manage to write approximately 350k words.
  • Edited the snot out of Of Gold and Iron, sent it to two publishers. Both asked for more time to review it. One finally rejected it, I'm still waiting for news from the second.
  • I started and then dropped more writing projects than I would care to admit
  • Finally decided on the two projects I'm going to work on going into the new year (and it isn't QoDaF despite what my last two posts would lead you and me to believe)
  • Wrote a 150k word long book in four short months

But anyway there you have it, 2019 wrapped. My word of 2019 was LEARN and I think yeah... I think I really succeeded in that department.

Anyway tune in tomorrow where I shall list my goals of 2020. And also keep an eye out for two thrilling posts coming over the weekend.

How was 2019 for you? Did you have a word? Do you think you succeeded in keeping your goals? Comment Below!

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Question of Dust and Fate//Meet My Cast

So this week has been crazy busy what work and the upcoming holidays and having to work with the upcoming holidays. I considered not even doing a blog post this week, but I promised you an introduction into my characters from my newest WIP The Question of Dust and Fate and so that is what you will get.

As always the pictures are absolutely not mine, all credit to their original creators and Pinterest.

So like, technically I have two casts, and it is complicated. So I guess I will break them up as cast 1 and cast 2 XD

Cast 1

Eustace, the underpaid nerd
Voted most likely to die//Probably tripped 2 seconds ago//Does not speak sarcasm//We love him anyway

Felice, the assassin in over her head
Code panic//I'm not having a crisis of conscience but I am having a crisis//I'm not saying I'm protective, but if anyone touches you I'll kill them//Just because I don't kill you doesn't mean I like you

Seamus, smooth talking archaeologist
You are welcome for existing//Everyone loves me, I love me//Of course nothing bothers me//Some social cues would be nice

Markus, the hired thug
I wasn't paid enough for this//Has a wit drier than a desert//I shouldn't find that amusing but I do//I only care a little bit I swear

Norina, a woman out of time
I'm not your grandma//Has a plan//It's a good plan//Will screw up said plan

Misty, the treasure hunter
Don't play games when your opponent can play them better//Honestly could care less//Isn't even pretending//I'm just in it for the money

Cast 2

Talbot, the rich kid with issues

My secrets have secrets//I don't play well with others//Let's play a game of whether I am joking or actually insulting you//Don't take it personally if I don't like you, I don't like anyone

Conan, the exiled prince

Prince Broody//Anything you can do, I can do better//I need to be in charge because you will screw this up//I'm perfect and you are peasants

Shasta, the hotshot pilot
There is no way I cover up my insecurities with insults//If only he could love me//Pity that you all have to live with dying//If it is a risk, I'm taking it

Yesrin, the otherworldly ambassador
Don't mess with my peoples//I may be nice but that doesn't mean that I can't hurt you//I will kill you with kindness//If that fails then I always have my magic

Warner, the other mercenary
Loyal to every fault//Oh please//No seriously, please stop//Actually that was kind of funny

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Post NaNo Writing Updates

So... November is past. We survived NaNo!!! Well most of us... *cheers from the ditch that I landed in after falling off the NaNo bandwagon*

And now with the writing craze past, that leaves the question... what next? With this year wrapping up and a new one looming threateningly on the horizon, I've had to look more closely at my writing goals and schedules. And yes I have changed some of my purported publishing dates to far more realistic and less stress inducing ones. And so without further ado here is my new estimated publishing schedule (self-publishing only since that is the only one that I actually have control over, I'm still waiting to hear back from a few publishing companies about Of Gold and Iron)

A Season of Subterfuge, Courtiers, and War Councils. Shooting for March of 2020, but it could be April or May depending on how long edits take
A Matter of Curiosity. October 13th, 2020- that way it will have the same release date of book one.
A Winter Dark and Deadly. Yes this one does finally have an estimated date :O and that is... early winter of 2021
And then in late fall of 2021 the My Time in Amar saga finally comes to a close with An Era of Evil, Dragons, and Dark Lords

Obviously this isn't all completely certain but these are my goals anyway, and I have at least one other project that I'm hoping to self publish the first book of sometime in the next two years, but I won't say anything more about it until I actually start it XD

For the time being I am working on three writing projects.

Editing A Season of Subterfuge (you can read more about that project here)
Writing Darkness From the Stars (you can find out more about that project here)
And finally the third project is a new one which I guess means that I should announce it.

And so I give you...

The Question of Dust and Fate

I'm sure you are all wondering what is this book and why am I writing it? Well I'm so glad that you asked.

The Question of Dust and Fate is...

A time travel story
That takes place in a fantasy world
That has three different sentient species/races
Has a massive cast of misfit characters
That represent all three of these races
Too many POVs
Is horror
Is also mildly comedic
Is complicated

I don't actually have a blurb yet, but here are the aesthetics

I will do a post next week introducing you to said huge cast, and stay tuned for a cover reveal for SoS later this month *screams with anticipation*

How did NaNo go for you? What do you think about QoDaF? Which of these projects are you most excited for? Comment below!

Friday, November 29, 2019

The Shared WIP Tag Week Five: Snippets

So NaNo is almost over and I will admit that I definitely petered out. Actually I didn't even start strong. A word of advice. Don't spend the months leading up to NaNo speed writing a 150k long book. You will murder your brain faster than any of the fancy villains in the books you are writing can. But oh well, I may not have written much on my projects but I had fun and it was the break my brain needed.

Anyway, NaNo progress report:

Project: Darkness From the Stars
Total word count for NaNo: 10,167 words (though I will probably try to get a few extra in before the end of the month)
Total chapters: I started chapter five
So far there has been one death, RIP Pimberly.

-Line you’re most likely to cut in revisions?

Still not sure about this line if it even fits.

"The process of getting ready for a ball is akin to torture. Except the person doing it thinks that they are doing you a favor. And I haven’t a clue whether true merciless evil of someone wanting to do you harm or the false sense of kindness of someone who thinks they know what is best for you is more painful. But I would hazard to say that they are equally painful in their own ways."

-Line you’re most proud of?

I have my own spoilery reasons for liking this line mwahahahah....

"Mr. Wintersleeve shoots me a look so scathing that it feels half like it pierced me through. “I think the true problem here is the willful desire to not see things that are clearly there.”"

-Line that made you cry while you were writing it?

So I didn't actually cry with this line, but I nearly did.

"He raises a trembling hand to rest it on my cheek. I hadn’t noticed before that his hand was shaking. No, his whole body was wracked with tremors. “Astra, whatever happens, know that I love you. Love you as my own child.”"

-Piece of dialogue that made you laugh out loud, shiver or flail?

Probably the longest snippet I will share today, but I can't help it. This one had me cackling as I wrote about my poor dear Edgar trying to be "polite" oh the humor of it all.

"Henry nods toward us. “And Edgar, these are my dear friends Miss Miranda Addington and Miss Astra Dempshire.”
Dempshire?” Mr. Wintersleeve says his gaze sharpening on me. “That name is familiar.”
Henry leads toward him, dropping his voice but not quietly enough that I don’t hear. “It is her family hosting the ball.”
Mr. Wintersleeve furrows his brows further. “Are they? Well, you have a lovely parlor, Miss Dempshire.”
It’s a ballroom.”
Mr. Wintersleeve’s eyebrows shoot up. “A ballroom?”
Yes,” I say hardly able to contain my mirth. I’m certain that Mr. Wintersleeve is not actually an idiot, he appears to have an intelligent gleam in his eyes. But then perhaps if he speaks much more then that will become nothing more than just a gleam. “It is a room in which balls are usually held.”
Miranda steps on my foot, forcibly, if not painfully reminding me that as amusing it would be to mock Mr. Wintersleeve further, perhaps he is not someone to mock. I press my lips together and hold out my hand, returning to the boring confines of social refinement. “Anyway I am charmed to make your acquaintance.”
Mr. Wintersleeve stares at my hand for a long moment as if half expecting to find an Infected bite there. He leans closer to Henry. “Is it now fashionable to shake a lady’s hand on acquaintance?”
Henry shoots Mr. Wintersleeve a stunned look. “Heavens no, Edgar you are supposed to kiss it.”
Mr. Wintersleeve pulls back shooting Henry a look as if he had grown not only a second head, but a third as well. “Kiss her? That seems quite unseemly, and I must say that she is certainly not handsome enough to tempt me so early into our acquaintance.”"

-Line that made you stop writing for a minute so you could process it

"My eyes drop to the ground before I even realize what I am doing and I find myself staring into the blank eyes of Uncle Pimberly.
His body drops to the ground a second later."

-Favorite snippet that describes a place or character?

Probably this one where I just set aside several paragraphs to describe my darling Henry XD

"Henry, however, is a very humble gentleman and doesn’t put on any airs despite his heritage and everyone’s great esteem of him. He legitimately does not think himself better than anyone, and makes that fact very clear. Because of this, he seems to be a friend of everyone in society including me, and Miranda, and frankly everyone. Henry does not know a stranger."

-Line you can hardly believe you wrote (whether that's positive or negative is up to you)

I was essentially like O.O when I wrote this line:

"Most people were quite eager to leave. You know what they say. It’s all fun and games till someone gets decapitated."

-A snippet where even you aren’t entirely sure what’s happening. 

This little gem of dialogue got a tad odd and problem is I don't even know if the "accident" discussed was an accident or not. So yeah... definitely in the dark here XD

"He has since then spent nearly five years battling the Infected on the front lines.”
I don’t know if my brother’s voice drips with envy or just mockery.
Sedgewick didn’t even last a year.
That was until his disappearance for a good six months as well as his entire regiment. That was quite the talk at the time. Not as much talk as his return or his injury. How he was found wandering the wastelands half out of his mind with a gaping hole in his shoulder and somehow not infected. Of course, nobody assumes Mr. Wintersleeve inflicted that wound upon himself,” Sedgewick mutters bitterly sinking further into his cushions. “And there was no witness for that injury either to prove that it was not him.”
There is a good difference between being impaled and shooting yourself in the foot. One is significantly easier to do.”
Sedgewick shoots her a hard look. “I know very well how easy it is to be shot in the foot. All sorts of things can happen to lead to such a wound. Guns can misfire, especially if they are tampered with.”"

-Weird thing you had to Google mid-writing-session.

Military titles XD

-Beginning sentence and ending sentence (if possible without spoilers).

Since I didn't finish the book I'll just post the last sentence that I wrote *shrugs*

First sentence: "It is a fact that is commonly assumed that any single woman must be in want of a husband, and one with a significant fortune at that."

Last Sentence from the middle of chapter five XD: "I need more help than heaven can give. Of course she will expect me to pursue Mr. Wintersleeve. Never mind the fact that he is a cold blooded killer. He is a wealthy and powerful cold blooded killer so of course everything is fine."

Anyway that's all for today, let's sit back and congratulate ourselves on surviving NaNo. Some survived better than others for sure, but we all did great if you ask me XD

Don't forget to check out the other participants in the Shared WIP Tag and their awesome stories