Wednesday, July 8, 2020

You asked so I guess now I have to answer

Julian Daventry

Favorite book you've written to date?

oh my, that's a... that's a good question. All of my books have different features that I enjoy, so picking a favorite is hard. However, taking into consideration how much I hated writing some of them I would say that it would have to be either A Certain Sort of Madness or Of Gold and Iron. They both have very fun, easy to write plots, and excellent chemistry between characters. And quite a few things that happened along the way that made me cackle like an evil loon.

Where do you keep your plot bunnies until you finally get around to writing them?

One thing you should know about me is I am an extremely disorganized person. So yeah, I don't have just one place to keep my ideas. I have a notebook that I wrote some ideas in. Some I keep on my laptop. Sometimes I write it on scraps of paper which I then lose and farewell idea. Other times I do nothing with them and they float around in my head until they mutate into other ideas or collide with other floating ideas to make one big floating idea.


-Favorite kind of cookie?

chocolate chip no contest there

-Favorite X-Files snack?

I have essentially one X-Files snack. Pretzels and orange juice but I eat it like every time I watch X-Files. Heck I eat it when I don't watch the X-Files. I have a mild addiction to pretzels and orange juice XD

-Thing you're most looking forward to this summer

you know precisely what I am looking forward to. A certain visit from a certain bestie of mine.

-Ravven, Easton, Dirk, Warren, and Cedric are all in a room and you have to kill all but one. Who do you save?

Dirk. Oh I'm sorry did you expect me to be indecisive? *goes off an cries in a corner over Easton and Cedric who definitely didn't deserve it and Warren and Ravven who mildly deserved it*


- What’s the plot of the very first story you’ve ever written?

I assume when you say written you mean finished too, so that would be A Week of Werewolves, Faeries, and Fancy Dresses, which when I first wrote it danced very perilously along the line of not actually having a plot. But yeah essentially my four main characters are trapped in another world, bound to a quest. But they don't know what the quest is. So the plot is a quest to discover their quest.

- What inspired Of Gold and Iron?

Well this is somewhat awkward to admit because I absolutely COULD NOT remember what originally inspired Of Gold and Iron. I thought and thought, wracked my brain on it for like a week, but not to worry, it wasn't all for naught I remember now! Of Gold and Iron was actually inspired by a dream I had. I can't say the dream because it gave me quite a few plot points, but yeah now we both know. It was a dream.

Lila Kims

~ What did you learn from querying Of Gold and Iron to traditional publishing companies?

Traditional companies are not all that. Now I'm not saying that they are all bad, but they aren't all good either. A lot of authors will speak of publishers like they are the final authority on publishing and books and success. But publishers want a profit, and sometimes they won't make the best choice for the book because they want to publish only what is popular, not what merely has potential to be popular.

I still plan to try to go through with querying other books of mine in the future. But as for Of Gold and Iron it just wasn't a good fit. And even though I had very high hopes for it being traditionally published, the best choice for it is self publishing. So I guess I also learned to be flexible with my publishing plans.

~ Who is your favorite underrated X-Files character?

That's just mean I like all of theeeeeeeemmmmm. So I will cheat and say three. The Lone Gunmen.

~ Next up on your TBR pile?

It's a book called A Dream Within a Dream. Third book in a murder mystery series, I have been waiting for it for like four years and it is finally out and even though I don't remember much about book two I'm still pretty excited

Skye Hoffert

~Favorite Mulder and Scully moment?

Well now that's just mean XD Making me choose like that. Fortunately for you I did choose, because even though there are so many amazing moments and scenes in the nine seasons and two movies I have seen so far with these two there is one scene that rises above the rest. I don't know why, I just adore it XD

It's from the episode in season five called Detour, and they have lost everyone else they were with. Night has fallen with them lost in the woods, Mulder is hurt, and they talk for a while and then Scully tells Mulder to go to sleep and he asks her to sing for him. And she sings "Joy to the World"

The images above are from Pinterest.
The ones below I made, they were inspired by that scene and episode

~Favorite monster, from X-files?

Wow that is a tough one. I really like the creatures in Detour if I am being completely honest, they were kinda freaky with their hunting instincts. Eugene Tooms scared the living daylights out of me so that's always a good thing for a monster to do. I feel like I am forgetting a monster I am particularly fond of but I can't put a finger on who or what?