Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Monsters, News, and an Update or Two

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I made it to 20k words in BARN. 20,250 words to be brutally precise. Which isn't bad considering that I started it last month (originally I was distracted and typed night instead, and man wouldn't that have been a feat?) and that's probably the most I have written in anything else since like last November. So I am certainly pleased.

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That puts me at about I-Don't-Know in this indeterminably long novel. I'm starting to find a little bit of a plot as I wade through the world building and character introductions so that's always super fun. I think I might be in Act II but since I'm not doing the Act system with this book I'm just guessing at this point.

To be honest though 90% of this book has been me guessing. Probably a side affect of writing a genre that is completely foreign to me but it's FUN.

Actual footage of me writing those 20k words.
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A brief update of what is happening in BARN so far...

I'm like twelve chapters in told through four official POVs. So far it's the evening of the second day, so a lot happening in a short span of time.

Just trying to get into the character's heads though... I'm about to pass every single one of them off as clinically insane. Sheesh and I thought I had unhealthy coping methods and problems with obsession...

 “You spend your day hunting monsters and your time off reading about monsters?” Nicholas asked shoving his hands into his pocket.
Renee looked up. “Do you have a problem with that?”
I don’t know.” He shrugged and glanced around the room. It was quaintly decorated, knicknacks of cats covered shelves with floral drapes and bed sheets and striped wall paper. All pale orange and pink. It was hideous. He prayed his room looked at least a little better. If he was going to get any good wall staring in, he hoped it wasn’t a wall like this. “It just seems kind of sad.”

So far the body count is still just 1 (RIP, Terry)

 “Rule number one of not dying,” Renee said pausing halfway out the door to glance at him. “Don’t go into strange woods at nightfall. A rule that Terrance was not lucky enough to follow.”

I keep forgetting to add creepy journal entries but it's fine*
*It was not actually fine

Trying to describe stuff be like: It was spooky

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I keep drawing pictures and making stuff that concerns my characters but I can't share them because they are actually from book 4 and Spoilers(TM)

(like the one non spoiler picture I haven't already shared so enjoy)

My characters have all met each other and various impressions have been made. Currently... *checks document* Renee is reading a book, Nicholas is having an existential crisis, Warren is asleep, and Millie is off to enjoy a night on the town and get herself drugged in the name of investigation.

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Coming up next I have... to get a drugged Millie to bed. But after that there is an impromptu road trip with its very own three fold curse, a lovely hike complete with baby monsters, and a whole lot of car problems.

Anyway, that's my update for today 

(and on Nicki, I have been reading through AWDAD and man I had forgotten how snarky Cedric was...I'm almost done reading through the first 50k)

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cover Reveal: At Summer's End

Y'all we have got a cover reveal for today, for an upcoming Jes Drew release.

At Summer's End is the beginning of another young adult action trilogy in the same world as The Ninja and Hunter Series, The Castaways Trilogy, and the Dystopian Takeover Trilogy. 

At Summer's End takes place right after the events of The Dystopian Takeover Trilogy. 

At Summer's End is Violet Stroke's story, who we first meet in Mind of Darkness, as she- and the world- deal with the consequences of the events of the previous series. So, without further ado...

The world is reeling from the near-apocalypse of the Dystopian Takeover that was only just averted by a motley crew of teenagers, including Violet Strokes. 

Violet now finds herself recruited by a special opps team- Code Name Peacemakers- to train to prevent future takeovers from ever happening along with some of the other teenage heroes. Which would be a lot easier if she weren't struggling to hide her emotional and physical wounds of the last takeover, or if everyone else on the team weren't spoiled rich kids (minus one mild-mannered superhuman named Tim).

 It certainly doesn't help that one of the other teenagers on the team is her long-lost childhood friend- and the son of the villains of the Dystopian Takeover- Alexander Franklin III, who is insistent that they rekindle their friendship. On top of it all, every turn she takes, she seems run into another boy from her past- with what may be an even more sinister family legacy...

Somehow, though, Violet, Alex, and the rest of the team need to figure out how to work together to protect the world from itself. That is, if Violet can stop the takeover that is going on in her very mind...

Coming June 1!

($0.99 Pre-Order Coming soon to Amazon)