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Hi, everyone! I'm Nicki Chapelway, a twenty-something romantic fantasy author. I grew up on Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and have always believed in magic. My childhood was spent playing pretend and creating worlds in my backyard until one day I decided to write a story based off the stories I made up... and I haven't stopped since.

I write books about faeries, elves, and dragons. Most of my stories have morally gray anti-heroes, large casts of misfits, and found families. I write kissing books full of heroes and monsters set in fantastical worlds. All of my books have a touch of humor, a hint of romance, and a dash of magic.

I have young adult and adult books; however, all of my works can be considered clean.

~Some Random Facts About Me~
An Absolute Geek
Lover of Fantasy
Sci-Fi Nerd
Independently Published
Self-Taught Artist
Full-Time Daydreamer
Part-Time Rambler
Professional Procrastinator
Probably a Hobbit
Second Oldest of Six
Homeschool Graduate
Dangerously Klutzy
High Queen of the Fae

I write the books. I draw the things. And I dream up worlds.

My favorite authors and biggest influences are Janette Rallison, Jennifer Nielsen, Jody Hedlund, J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael J. Sullivan, and Mary Weber. I love history and mythology. Music is the closest thing to sanity that I have. And my favorite hobby is self-identifying with fictional nerds—that or playing video games. In my not so free time, I work as a nanny. I'm a Christian and I write to give God glory. My books are not specifically "Christian" however.

To keep up with what I'm doing you can sign up for my NewsletterYou can also find me on Instagram, FacebookMy Author Website, and Goodreads. You can find aesthetics for all of my books on my Pinterest and their playlists on my Spotify. Or you can email me at nicky(dot)chapelway(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks so much for looking into my blog! Drop me some comments, I would love to get you know you better.

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