Saturday, April 17, 2021

A Writerly Update

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We're about halfway through April and I have dragged myself out of my writing den to tell you how things have been going so far.

I have written 18,473 words which is nowhere close to where I should be in order to write 65,000 words this month which is my goal.

But it's fine.

I mean I'm screaming and everything is on fire.

But it's fiiiinnneee.

So anyway without further ado here are how my four WIPs have been progressing...

A Winter Dark and Deadly made it to 90,000 words. And then it decided to give me the silent treatment for two weeks.

Which I don't appreciate, especially considering I want to publish it this summer.

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An Immortal's Guide to Betraying the Gods is at 3,810 words, plodding along very slowly. But I did figure out when I am planning to publish it (and book one and book 3 of this trilogy) and I have plenty of time to take this slow

Rage Like the Gods is now at 121,000. No I still haven't finished Eirik's POV, yes it is pushing almost 50k words, and no I don't want to talk about it. Because then I will have to reconfigure how long I think RLtG will be and honestly the idea of it being bigger than I had originally thought scares me.

And finally, Of Stars and Shadows is now at 20,000 words. Which may not look like much compared to the word counts of AWDaD and RLtG, but historically 20k is where I counted myself fully invested in a story. I had been known to start books and get from 1-10k into them before ditching them because they weren't working at that time or if I had what I considered a better idea. 20k is where I finally hit my stride on a story and it was in the game for good. By that point I'm usually too invested in a story to put it down.

OSaS of course wasn't in any danger of getting ditched on the wayside since it is a sequel, and one I wish to publish later this year. But, still to celebrate it reaching such a monumental goal, I have decided to finally reveal it's blurb (note: you may now want to read it if you have not read book one Of Gold and Iron since it does contain spoilers)

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My eyes flick up to Ravven who is resting with his eyes closed, pale and gaunt just a shadow of the former self he was only days ago. “So, what is your plan? I’m assuming that you have a plan.”

“More like a gamble.”

“And I’m part of that gamble? Are you sure that is wise? You know, considering our somewhat twisted history?”


Jaye MacCullagh may be the Fair Assassin now, but her troubles are far from over. Even though she killed the faerie enslaving her brother, she and Thomas are still just as trapped in the Otherworld as before. Only this time by the deceitfully glamorous Sidhe faeries of the Spring Court. Returning home seems like an impossible dream, especially when Jaye discovers that Ravven Crowe, the king of the Spring Court and her soulmate, is still alive… if just barely. Ravven needs Jaye’s help to discover how he survived, and how to stop himself from dying again. He is fading away and somehow Jaye is weakening alongside him. The only hope for either of them is for Ravven to reclaim his immortality by becoming a faerie again.


However, there is only one way for mortals to turn into faeries. They must drink from the well of Stars and Shadow on the night of the Feast of Starlight. Each court has a way to the well, but they guard it fiercely to keep just any human from becoming one of them. With every other way to the well barred, Jaye and Ravven are left with only one option. They must enter a deadly labyrinth created by the Spring Court. If they can survive and if they can make it through to the other side, the well is theirs. But in the faerie world, nothing is that simple. Especially where the Spring Court is concerned. Forced to trust the man who ruined her or risk losing him forever, Jaye struggles with her convoluted feelings toward both Ravven and the faerie world. However, when her family arrives looking for her, Jaye feels further strained. Everything Jaye has ever cared about is at the mercy of the Otherworlds, and she can’t shake the feeling that no matter how hard she fights to win she is going to lose this time.

And I want to officially thank OSaS for being so much easier to write than my other sequels were *pointedly glares at AWDAD and ToT*. So yeah...

This has been a wild month, I'm not going to lie. I thought I would have written more by now, but I keep getting new ideas when all I'm trying to do is focus on the ones I'm currently working on. I've now finally decided on which project I shall be working on this summer (as well as already started researching it), and I've made a few other plans.

All will be revealed in due time, of course. But for now, just know that I'm so excited for these stories that I wish I could start them now, if only AWDAD and OSaS were done... *le sigh*

Speaking of reveals, Between Gods and Demigods has a cover reveal coming up later this month and trust me when I say you don't want to miss it.

Well, I'm off to write some more. Or procrastinate. Or daydream about a project that I can't start until I finish one of my current ones. Decisions... decisions...

(image via Pinterest I take no credit for it)