Friday, October 30, 2020

Pre NaNo Writing Update

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Here we go, it's that legendary time of the year where authors sell their souls for a little more coffee for a little more energy to get just a few more words in...

So they can write their novel in a month.

*shudders* *but like with anticipation*

I have /done/ NaNo before, for a few years now. I have won NaNo only once. Actually the book I won NaNo on was Of Gold and Iron, which I finally just released last month (don't forget about the special offer, there's still time to be a part of that!). The first time I did it I wrote 13k words instead of 50k but I went on to finish that book in April. And last year I was too burned out from writing A Season of Subterfuge in three months (it was 150k words long) that I didn't do anything.

So now here we stand on the cusp of NaNoWriMo in the very unfortunate year of 2020.

And it's time to get writing.

This year, as some of you may have already guessed, or maybe I announced it *is too lazy to check* my project is going to be Rage Like the Gods

Now in my long history of NaNos and Camp NaNos (all three years of it XD) and other writing challenges that I have done, I have discovered that, for me specifically it is best to not start a brand new project for a writing challenge. Because about 10-20k words in I start to wonder why I picked that project out of all my other stuff, and it sort of all falls apart.

Which is why I am confident in my choice of Rage Like the Gods because while it is a newer project, I am certainly not starting it. I'm already a quarter through. My current word count for this book is 39,129 words (am sooooo close to 40k and I need to remedy that quickly)

And since this is a multiple POV story I figured I should share what 

Eirik: 20,068 words

Thyre: 7,250 words

Dagmy: 6,123 words

Meruna: 5,688 words

and then I have a fifth POV that I haven't started yet, but I plan for that one to be much shorter than the other ones, more like a filling in the blanks of what happened in some other POVs. Sounds mysterious I know but that is just how Azern rolls.

And I know what you are thinking: this looks an awful lot like favoritism. Look I was just really feeling Eirik's story for a while back there, but I love all of my characters and all their stories. They are all so different in storylines it's hard to believe that they belong in the same book sometimes XD

Super excited to dive back in (I took a brief break on working on this in the past few weeks of October to prep for what comes next and write about 10k words in OGaI's sequel—more on that at a later date).

As for Inktober, I said I was doing a project where I drew my main characters in modern clothes. Well I have gotten about eight characters done, but I still have a handful more to do, so I shall refrain from sharing that art here until it's all done.

If you want to see what I have done so far check out my Insta Account.

That's all for now, happy writing and reading all. Are any of you doing NaNo? If so what is your project? Comment below!

Friday, October 9, 2020

A Paranormal Cover Reveal!



It's time to reveal the cover to Jes Drew's upcoming release, Genie and Serena, PIs (Paranormal Investigators): The Game of Boo and Other Short Stories. It's a bit of a mouthful for such a little book. Good thing it's pretty.

Don't believe me? See for yourself!


Genie and Serena are just a normal couple of girls... just kidding. As a dormant mermaid (she hasn't activated her genetic abilities yet), Genie is actually kind of normal- except for being kind of sheltered. At least she is compared to her cousin, the millennia old siren Serena. But as different as they are, the cousins are bound together by their mutual affection for each other- and their love of solving mysteries.

Together, Genie and Serena form a paranormal investigation business to celebrate Genie's first time in the real world- and away from both of their overbearing families. Together, they partner with actual normal human Keith and the newly immortalized Albert to solve cases that have to do with creatures from their side of the shadows.

Join them as they solve a murder mystery in a twisted game of Clue, track down a vampire hiding for his life, and deal with a lovesick dhampir named Virgil.

But there's nothing they can't handle together, right? 

Coming October 31!

 Pre-Order for only $0.99 Coming Soon 

With all profit going to Polaris so more children can be rescued from monsters.