YA Fantasy

Of Dreams and Nightmares

A swoony romantic faerie fantasy full of enemies to reluctant allies, tests and deadly labyrinths, twisted politics, doomed soulmates, and a quest to gain a faerie killing sword

An Apprentice of Death

Coming Soon....

A romantic high fantasy tale about warring houses, elves, heritage magic, mages, assassins, mercenaries, dragons, and two star-crossed killers trying to make their way in the world

Winter Cursed

A darkly romantic fairy tale retelling of the tale of Snow White. This story features a dark lord, mercenary dwarfs, ice magic, a frozen world, an untrustworthy mirror, a cursed princess, and a sorceress queen.

My Time in Amar

A portal fantasy adventure full of monsters, tainted magic, powerful mages, pirates, friendship, reluctant chosen ones, and an unbreakable destiny.

Return to Amar
A whimsical portal fantasy series inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Lookinglass. This book features mad magic wielders, a frightening and strange world, faerie circuses, imaginary friends, daring heists, and a love that spans across many worlds.

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**Please Note: All of my books are clean, with no language or smut, there is however violence as well as romantic elements featured in all of them. My YA books are the cleanest, with adult containing more violence/darker elements. As far as the content goes, I would say that my as whole my YA are 13+ and my Adult are 16+
For a more specific rating for each series, please check out my Author Website**

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