Sunday, December 25, 2022

Ending the Year With a Bang

Last year, I started out the new year with a bang with the cover reveal of Harbinger of the End.

Whelp, I thought I would do something a bit different this time around and end the year with a bang. So here we are, at the tail end of 2022... and I have an announcement to make.

But first I just want to take a moment first and thank you all for all your support for Harbinger of the End and taking a chance on my portrayal for a very beloved (and occasionally controversial) character like Loki. Your excitement and love of this book has truly warmed my heart and I've been loving seeing your reviews as they roll in. While my readers all have differing opinions on certain things, there seems to be a very specific consensus between them when it comes to this book.

A. They like Loki's voice (which makes me very happy)

B. They like Sigyn and Loki together (which also makes me very happy)

C. They want a sequel (which left me with mixed feelings because I was very much planning on not writing a sequel)

Here are some snippets from reviews I pulled from Goodreads, to show you what I mean.

Anyway, this book is perfection, and its only failing is that it was too short.
-Jes Drew, author of Embrace of Shadows

Wow! What a book! Can we get a book two?
-Addison S. Goodreads reviewer

WHY ISN'T THERE A SEQUEL. excuse me, I NEED more about Loki and Sigyn, please and thank you.
-Miranda Sylvester, Bookstagrammer

And the reviews aren't all, I've had people DMing me telling me how much they loved the book... and how desperately they need a sequel. And while I agreed with my readers, there was definitely potential for more Loki books (I mean, one does not just say that they'll only ever write one Loki book and be done with it), I didn't really have any real ideas for a sequel. Still, the demand for one was very real and as I was brushing my teeth one night, trying to think up some short story to write for my newsletter that would be full of Loki and Sigyn fluff so that I could satisfy some of the people who wanted to see more of them and not have to commit too much... I got an idea.

An impossibly brilliant and terrifying idea.

And it wasn't for a short story... no, I finally had my idea for a Loki sequel.

So, yes, that's my announcement.


I'm writing a Harbinger of the End 2.

What's it about? Well, on my Instagram I've been doing a little game to guess the title and plot using image prompts. Let's see if you can guess correctly...


And what it is about:


Well... if you guessed that the title was The End of Kings and that this will be a retelling of the legend of King Arthur with a Norse mythology twist then you would be absolutely correct!

Loki is back and mischievous as ever, this time he has rashly made a bet with Odin, trying to prove that he doesn't unleash chaotic decay on everything he touches and that he is capable of creating a great hero without destroying his life. Now under the guise of a mysterious sorcerer named Merlin, Loki takes young Arthur under his wing to teach him to be the greatest hero Midgard has ever seen.

Sigyn meanwhile is desperate to find some way to ascertain that hers and Loki's love for each other has indeed stopped Ragnarök or if the horrible things that she saw in her visions of the future will be her destiny after all.

But the Celts have their own gods...gods that won't take kindly to meddling immortals.

Unleash the gods of Norse mythology on Briton, unleash the Anglo-Saxon hordes, and unleash the heroic knights of old. The End of Kings is coming December of 2023.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

2022 Wrap-Up

Was 2022 a good year?

Not by a long shot.

But compared to 2020 and then 2021 this basically felt like a walk in the park. So, I'll take a win where there is a win and just be glad that I didn't lose any more jobs or close friendships and that both my dogs are healthy and happy😌👌🏽

We actually had vacations this year. I haven't left Ohio soil since like 2017 and was beginning to think I'd never get out, but I actually made it as far as northern Kentucky this year so yusss, it's a win. I was able to breath non-Ohio air for a little while.

(I say this facetiously, of course, I'm well aware of the fact that it is all Ohio and always has been)

(from Pinterest)

Now for the rundown of my accomplishments for this year. Here are my 2022 goals for those of you wondering if I stuck with them.


Whelp, the good news is that I started reading again! Not the hundreds of books I did in Middle Grade and High School, sometimes I would go a couple months without reading, but I was reading. I started taking ARCs again and I even read some books for fun. It's certainly a struggle still to feel motivated to read, but I'm so happy to have that part of me again. I've missed devouring stories and not just limiting myself to movies and TV shows as my media.

I didn't find any new video games to obsess over, very sad. But since I tend to get inspired to write books off of the video games I play (An Apprentice of Death, Domain of the North, and all of my Ruskhazar books are inspired by video games) that's probably for the best because I have too many projects as it is.

I did get out of the writing groove sometime over the summer. Still working on the balancing act that is called life and more often than not it was my art that knocked off my to do list to make room for other things.

My on repeat songs (at the time of writing this post which if you look at my dashboard you will see that it was a little bit out), but I doubt my music taste will have changed that much by the time this post comes out.


This was the first year since I started working all the way back in 2018 (because I'm actually a baby who has not been in the work force very long) that I didn't have a huge job change. I've only been in the work force for four years and yet I'm on my fourth job, and can I just say how thankful I am to still have that job by the end of the year? Oh, my word, I could cry, a gal needs a little stability now and again and I have not of late had that stability in my career choices.

I started going back to my church after taking a short break from it and boy is it good to be back to the place I attended for 20 plus years. Been able to reconnect with a lot of old friends and aquaintances through that.

My word for 2022 was CREATE... when I had first made that goal, I had been thinking of all the books I had to write. Of drawing and pursuing my imagination... I had no idea how that single word would spill out over the rest of my life. I've not only been creating storyworlds, but also a business and a career as an author, I've created a brand and platform, but most importantly I've created connections and friendships in my pursuits.

In 2021 I was coming off a huge heartbreak, a very close friendship that went awry (which was built off a different friendship that was destroyed in 2020). Neither of those friendships ended by my choice and I was afraid to open up again because I had no idea how to stop something like that from happening again. But now I look back to all the lovely people who I have connected with this past year, to all you guys! And I realize... I'm not scared anymore.


I finally got around to creating my author website. That is something that has been on my list of things to do for some time.

In a lot of ways, my writing has changed this year. I've come to regard it and treat it more as a business than a hobby and in many ways I've seen it take off as a business. I seem to say this every year, but this was definitely my most successful writing year by far.

I can no longer keep track of all the words that I write in a year. There are too many projects and too many drafts and I am no longer capable of keeping track of them so I think it is time to bring a close of my tradition of counting how many hundreds of thousands of words that I wrote...

And just say that I wrote a lot.

I published five books!

This was quite the ambitious goal and there was a part of me that wondered back last year when I set it that I would even be able to keep it. And yet, here we are and these books are out in the world.

On top of that, I have reformatted and released my books in multiple formats that I was only just branching into at the end of 2021. I released 9 of my books in audiobook format.

I've also released eight of my books as alternate cover hardbacks.

And I put out two book bundles. One a collection of the entire Winter Cursed series now all in one tome.

And the other is a collection of three of my YA novels I released for my newsletter subscribers. Although I am planning on putting this one out in print as well sometime next year.
And finally, I also started releasing League of Thieves through Kindle Vella. I'd begun to think I would never do anything with this story so I'm pretty darn excited to finally have it out there in the world.

(cover designed by CK Beggan)

I'm sure there are other things that I'm missing, I've done so much this year that I'm probably forgetting half of them. But there you have a quick wrap-up of the year 2022.

How did this past year treat you? Which of my newest releases are you most excited about? What are you looking forward to going into 2023? Comment below!

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Know the Novel Part Three: Words Written//Another Cover Reveal

 1. How did writing this novel go all around?

TGCM- it took way longer to write this book than I thought it would? Like, I fully expected to have it done in July, but it took me till December 1st to actually finally finish it. Still done is done so I'm not going to complain and it isn't as if it was a hard book to write. No, it was actually quite enjoyable, it just took a really long time for some reason.

ODAF- whelp... still working on writing this one. At about the 10k mark and freaking out wondering if it will be too short. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter so long as the story is told to completion, but book one was like 115,000 words and book two was 90,000 and this one might be like 50,000? 40,000? Which is actually what some people say is the perfect length for a novel, with the same sources claiming that 110,000 words long is excessively long for a novel (who is going to tell RLtG?). But I'm also not too keen on having such drastic differences in lengths between books, but to be fair book one is the main conflict and the last two books are basically trying to do damage control and figuring out a way to give my characters a happy ending after what happened in book one (if you know, you know). So...yeah. Lots of existential crises, but then what else is expected when it comes to wrapping up a trilogy that you've been working on for close to five years now? (while I published book 1 in 2020, I actually first wrote it in 2018).

2. Did it turn out as you expected or completely different? How do you feel about the outcome?

TGCM- I mean, I already know that my books will never align with the perfect ideal I have in my head. Because all I have in my head are an aesthetic and a vibe and like five bits of dialogue. When I start putting scenes and words to it, the story becomes real. And to be real it must be not perfect. But with that all said, the finalized product of TGCM wound up being very similar to my original ideal. The found family came together nicer than I expected it to, there were a lot of fun parts. I think I expected it to be a little scarier, but I can always add more creepiness the next draft. As a whole I think this book balanced all its major components really well so I'm pretty pleased with the first draft I have so far tbh.

ODAF- so's actually really good. Like, other than being shorter than I was expecting it's going really well. The characters are behaving exactly how I need them to. Probably because I told them to be on their worst behavior so they don't have to go against their nature. They are, at their core, evil goblins with terrible coping mechanisms and currently that is how they are acting.

3. What aspect of the story did you love writing about the most? (Characters, plot, setting, prose, etc.)

Both- Characters, it's always going to be the characters, their relationships, and of course the stuff that makes my books kissing books. I just love developing really complex characters and giving them other characters to not get along with and sit back and watch the bickering, and then see that bickering turning into them actually coming to care for each other.

4. What was your least favorite part?

TGCM- I really struggled with the climax of this one. Climaxes are, as a whole, hard for me. I always try to make something that is so huge so ground shattering and I'm usually disappointed how it turns out because sometimes I take too long to describe exactly what exactly is going on and it gets jarring or other times I feel like I don't have enough description and so no one will know what is even going on. It's a difficult balance to keep in a fast paced scene.

ODAF- there's a part in this book where a parent is a really big letdown to their kid... I HATED writing it because the parents weren't evil, they were good people who love their kids, and they made a hard decision that they thought was best. But to do that they had to do something awful to their child and now they're probably going to be hated forever by my readers and they aren't even villains. Just people who were faced with an impossible decision and thought they took the selfless option. They were wrong, of course, but they're flawed humans and my characters aren't always going to make the right choices. Doesn't mean that it was fun to write because gosh that was so hard to write about a relationship between a parent and their child being destroyed and their nuclear family unit falling apart because of it.

5. What do you feel needs the most work?

TGCM- the ending. It's a bit rushed. The last ten chapters are basically just the bare bones of the story that I was just spewing the ideas on the page and they don't look pretty.

ODAF- this will probably be the ending as well, I haven't written it yet, but my endings always need work.

6. How do you feel about your characters now? Who’s your favorite? Least favorite? Anyone surprise you? Give us all the details!

TGCM- I love these crazy kids. They truly carried the story and at some points I felt like I just had to sit back and let them do it because what they were coming up with was better than what I had. And their banter was...👌🏽 My favorite is still Conan, I love that Cinnamon Roll so much, he's just precious and must be protected at all costs. My least favorite was probably Zarynn, bro had a lot of growing to do and he is not even close to completing an arc that will continue into book 2. So yeah, he wasn't a team player and I was just like 🤦🏽‍♀️ at him quite a bit. I was actually surprised by Ikor, I expected to be a little indifferent to him seeing as he is also indifferent to everyone else, but he would up probably being my second favorite character. This socially constipated cat-loving book nerd really won me over.

ODAF- Jaye and Ravven need to be protected at all costs, these two are just... hurting. SO MUCH. And like the idiots they are, they're taking that out on each other. Thomas and Riagan are the MVPs and this book literally wouldn't exist without them. Jaye and Ravven would just spend all of eternity moping without them pulling them out of it. Keane deserves "parent of the book" award because we are not talking about any other parents in this story...Wren has always been an enigmatic figure and I look forward to fleshing her out more.

7. What’s your next plan of action with this novel?

TGCM- in a couple of weeks I'm picking up the edits of this one. It's my plan to publish it March 15th so I need to do the second draft, send it to my editor. Then it will go out to my formatter and ARC readers. Then it will be released to be read by all of you guys!

ODAF- Well, first I need to finish it, but hopefully I'll be able to do that very soon (this week even?). Then I'm going to let it sit for a little while before I pick up the next draft. Fortunately, I have more time to let this one sit since it doesn't come out till May/June, but eventually it will go through the same process as TGCM until it too is published hopefully late spring/early summer of next year.

8. If you could have your greatest dream realized for this novel, what would it be?

TGCM- could I see this turned into a TV show please and thank you? Like along the lines of the Witcher and House of Dragon (but actually clean), or The Rings of Power (but actually true to the original story), it would have the high fantasy feel and the same focus on the wardrobe and settings... ah, oh my word I would die of happiness and then come back so that I could watch my book as a show.

ODAF- is it too much like my TGCM answer to say I want a movie for this one? Because that would be great, but to pick something more unique for this story I'd love to see a special edition of it published through a book box like Owlcrate or faecrate.

9. Share some of your favorite snippets!


I choke on the bite that I had just taken when mother and father both give me a pointed look. I pat my chest, trying to clear my airways. “Isn’t it a little early to begin to discuss children?”

Mother chuckles. “It’s never too early when my grandchildren are the subject.” She shakes her head with a tsk at the appalled look on my face. “By rights we should have them already but Ivan is…well, Ivan is incapable of settling down.”

“So, it falls on me? How is this any sort of incentive to be the well-behaved child?”

Now it is father’s turn to choke on his food.

I narrow my eyes on him while he coughs into his napkin. “What?”

“You have never been well behaved, dear heart,” he says, his deep voice rumbling. He reaches up wiping at his eyes. “But we love you all the same.”

I still have no idea why the king would pay much heed to a low born Highlander such as myself that he would personally order that I have such a high rank and to specifically say where I was to be stationed, but as a guard I’ve been taught to not question my orders.

Well, not question out loud. Such a thing is sure to earn kitchen duty for the rest of the year. As it is, a lot of the other guards have taken to calling me cook because I spend so much time in the kitchen. It’s a misnomer, my only talent is scrubbing pots. Leave me alone with a little bit of food and it will spoil under my gaze.

I narrow my eyes. He isn’t getting the point. Thickheaded Highlander… “Still, I wouldn’t say that sorcery is mere heresy. Just because you are immune to most magic doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know a little more about what you are up against. Besides, a Highlander’s immunity only lasts until they die. After that, they can be brought back by necromancers same as the next person.” It does make me wonder what the magical immunity is that Highlanders possess since it only seems to work while their heart is pumping blood.

Conan dips a nod. “Duly noted, although you really don’t need to have sorcery to control me. Just offer me some cheese and I’ll be your willing servant. I’m like a mouse that way.” He shakes his head, his tone taking on a wistful note. “I’d do anything for cheese.”

“That’s just it, we don’t know them at all. But they are criminals. Zarynn is a sorcerer, and Sergei accused Ikor of killing someone—not that I trust him either.”

“The man Ikor killed?” Conan shook his head. “What did he ever do to you?”

“No, Sergei.”


“All I’m saying is that these are the sort of men who only stick around so long as it fits their best interest. Ikor only wants his position back, Zarynn wants his freedom. They don’t care about you or I. We can’t rely on them to actually have our best interests at heart. Right now our goals align, but the second they don’t we’ll be on the chopping block.”

“I suppose my trusting nature got me into this mess in the first place.” Conan turns to me, a soft smile on his lips. “I’m with you, Alya, and only you. Whatever you choose.”

I nod, feeling a certain amount of tightness loosen in my chest. “And I have your back, Conan. No matter what.”

“It’s my front I’m a little more worried about. I’d hate for something bad to happen to my face.” He reaches up and rubs at his jawline.

“And I’m not sure you understand how special you are.” He tilts his head. “You’re like these flowers. The world is ending, people die, monsters could be out there and yet here they are. They’re blooming. And they remind me of you, how you can continue to be beautiful and brave despite everything that has happened you have not allowed that to dampen you. You make the world a brighter place.”


His cheeks color. “I mean objectively.” He gestures at my head, it’s a short jerky wave of his arm. “Like the flowers. I’m not flirting by calling the flowers beautiful am I?”

“The flowers can’t kiss you if you do.”

Conan is on his feet in a second, his cheeks alight in the fire. 


I tighten my fingers around the lip of the well, my sinews growing white and strained. “What…did you do?” I demand, my voice coming out gravelly and raw. It barely sounds like me.

But then… am I really myself now?

Ravven’s eyes are wide and brilliantly purple. “You’re beautiful.”

Ravven waves his arm out. “You’re acting like the worst thing both imaginable and unimaginable has happened. You’re pretending that you are innocent in all of this and didn’t deserve a thing that happened to you.” He narrows his eyes. “And think I’m evil. You may have closed your thoughts from me, but I can still feel your emotions…” he trails off, glancing down. Now his eyes have settled to a deep blue. “I can feel your anger, your revulsion, and your… hate. Why do you hate me, pest?”

“Good people get scared.” Wren pushes away from the wall. “It’s why I stopped being a good person long ago.”

10. Did you glean any new writing and/or life lessons from writing this novel?

TGCM- leave room in your schedule for the unplanned... like a book taking an extra four months to be finished.

ODAF- sometimes things come to an end and while it can be sad, it can also be a good thing.

And now, just like I revealed the new cover for Of Gold and Iron in the last Know the Novel I did, here is the new cover for Of Stars and Shadows that was designed by Miblart...








My gaze flicks up to Ravven who is resting with his eyes closed, pale and gaunt just a shadow of the former self he was only days ago. “So, what is your plan? I’m assuming that you have a plan.”

“More like a gamble.”

“And I’m part of that gamble? Are you sure that is wise? You know, considering our somewhat twisted history?”

Jaye MacCullagh may be the Fair Assassin now, but her troubles are far from over. Even though she killed the faerie enslaving her brother, she and Thomas are still just as trapped in the Otherworld as before. Only this time by the deceitfully glamorous Sidhe faeries of the Spring Court. Returning home seems like an impossible dream, especially when Jaye discovers that Ravven Crowe, the king of the Spring Court and her soulmate, is still alive… if just barely. Ravven needs Jaye’s help to discover how he survived, and how to stop himself from dying again. He is fading away and somehow Jaye is weakening alongside him. The only hope for either of them is for Ravven to reclaim his immortality by becoming a faerie again.

However, there is only one way for mortals to turn into faeries. They must drink from the well of Stars and Shadow on the night of the Feast of Starlight. Each court has a way to the well, but they guard it fiercely to keep just any human from becoming one of them. With every other way to the well barred, Jaye and Ravven are left with only one option. They must enter a deadly labyrinth created by the Spring Court. If they can survive and if they can make it through to the other side, the well is theirs. But in the faerie world, nothing is that simple. Especially where the Spring Court is concerned. Forced to trust the man who ruined her or risk losing him forever, Jaye struggles with her convoluted feelings toward both Ravven and the faerie world. However, when her family arrives looking for her, Jaye feels further strained. Everything Jaye has ever cared about is at the mercy of the Otherworlds, and she can’t shake the feeling that no matter how hard she fights to win she is going to lose this time.

I'm changing the cover this week so keep your eyes peeled for when this shiny new cover goes up!

Get Your Copy

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An Announcement

You know, in the post where I discussed my Redheaded Stepchild and I ended it by saying that I wanted to release Leage of Thieves "soon"? Well, I was fuffing (a term my grandma uses for fibbing/bluffing).

You see, the fact of the matter is that I've actually already started releasing Leage of Thieves. What? How? When? Where? And sometimes, why?

I promise that all will be revealed very soon.

If you follow my newsletter, you probably already know this, but for the rest of you, I have an announcement to make.

I'm a Kindle Vella author now!

If you are unaware of what Kindle Vella is, it is a form of publishing that releases a story in an episodic format, basically an episode (chapter) a week. You as the readers, then get keys to unlock episodes and follow the story in real time.

As you've likely already figured out by now, yes, I've published League of Thieves on Kindle Vella. At this moment 9 episodes are live, you can read the first three for free at any time. I put up a new episode every Friday and I've been having so much fun finally sharing this story.

Four thieves. A dishonored soldier. A cocky smuggler. An assassin with a secret. And a vengeful jinni. It’s the heist that broke the world.


When Evona and her brother fail to retrieve the lamp they were hired to steal, they realize that they weren’t the only ones sent after the object. Now in over their heads, with their employer threatening to remove said heads for failing him and every guard thinking that they’ve stolen the lamp, Evona and her brother have one last chance to save themselves. They are given the task of tracking down the other thieves and stealing the lamp back. Aided in their journey by a disillusioned soldier turned mercenary and a smuggler who definitely can’t be trusted, they set sail to take the lamp back.


Damian and Creyn thought they were stealing a lamp, it turns out they were actually taking a jinni. One that claims she can lead them to the legendary treasure of the hidden palace Amun Hadir. They set out in search of the treasure, only to learn that they are being tracked and soon it becomes a race between the two groups of thieves to see who will be able to claim the treasure first.


Forty thieves, an assassin in disguise, and traps within ancient temples that have not been unearthed for a thousand years all stand in the way of these thieves. But unbeknownst to them all is that there’s a dark presence lurking in Amun Hadir, waiting for someone to free it so that it can unleash its malice on the world. Do they have what it takes to give up on the treasure they so desperately desire, or will their greed destroy the world?


The rollicking adventure of The Mummy meets the cunning heists of Six of Crows in this Middle Eastern inspired YA fantasy about thieves, monsters, and finding family. With hints of the tales of Aladdin and the Lamp and Sinbad, embark on this action-packed story about a group of antiheroes who must learn to care for more than just themselves.

League of Thieves | Kindle Vella (

This cover was designed by the wonderful CK Beggan. (she has her own Kindle Vella story going right now, for those of your who read spicier books)

And a special note for international readers, I realize that Kindle Vella isn't open to you, so I'm working on alternative publishing solutions for this that won't break any Kindle Vella agreements. I'll get back to you all soon on what I finally decide!

And finally, for those of you who are wondering when you will get to hold a physical copy in your hands, I'm planning on releasing it in print in 2024. Depending on how well received this is on Vella will determine if I publish the whole series through that or if the rest of the trilogy will go straight to print.

Well, I think that about covers everything. How surprised were you guys over this news? Will you be reading League of Thieves on Vella or waiting on a full release? Comment your thoughts below!

Monday, November 28, 2022

In Which I Finally Discuss My Redheaded Stepchild AKA League of Thieves

Images all from Pinterest

Those of you who were here in the OG Days of Nicki On the Internet: The Goodreads Years probably remember LoT, but many of you probably won't since this was a pre-blogging era. So, I'm going to tell you a little story.

The year was 2018, I was a senior in high school, taking classical literature college classes on the side, I hadn't gotten a job yet, and life was good. This was one of my best writing years I've ever had. I wrote and published A Certain Sort of Madness, rewrote and published Winter Cursed. I also wrote the first drafts of Of Gold and Iron and A Winter Dark and Deadly, both of which wouldn't actually be published for a few years yet, because I wrote so many books I couldn't actually keep up with them and edit them fast enough to actually publish. (I have since gotten much faster at editing, but at that stage in my writing career it took me forever to edit anything).

The fifth and final book I wrote in 2018 was a story titled League of Thieves. It's a YA High Fantasy series set in a Middel Eastern themed world about four thieves, a mercenary, an assassin, a cocky smuggler, and a jinni all pitted against each other as they race to the legendary treasure of Amun Hadir, leaving a trail of betrayal and backstabbing in their wake. Except there is a monster hidden amongst the gold of Amun Hadir, and if these thieves aren't careful, they are going to release it onto the world...

It was a long book, clocking in at about 140,000 words long and was just such a wild ride to write. I loved this story so much, so why hasn't it been published yet? Why am I only just now discussing it at any length five years later? Why the redheaded stepchild status?

Well, to answer that for you, I have two words: traditional publishing.

You see, back in 2018 I was not 100% behind the idea of indie publishing. I still thought it would be better for my books if I got them trad-published. The self-publishing market was not quite to the place it has gotten to over these past five years, it has truly grown in leaps and bounds. And at the time, it was still my plan to be a hybrid author (which, you know, could certainly happen. It's just seeming less and less likely). So, everything that I wrote around that time, I divided into two categories. The books that I would self-pub, books that were harder to place in any one genre, that I wrote spinoffs for or multiple series in a single world (like my Amar books), and anything that didn't quite fit into the cookie cutter mold of books publishers were looking for or where I didn't want to lose the rights to the world by selling the story. And then there were the books that I called my high concept stories that I thought would do really well and have a chance out there in the cold cruel world of traditional publishing.

League of Thieves was one of those "high concept" books. As was Of Gold and Iron. Well, since OGaI was shorter and only going to be a trilogy (as opposed to the five books I originally wanted LoT to be), I decided I would start by querying that one since it would be easier to sell. Around that time, I was beginning to grow disenchanted with larger publishing houses and I was against the idea of getting an agent (I still am not entirely sold on the idea, but then I'm a cut out the middle man type person... as is probably shown by the fact that I am self-published, if I can do it myself I will) so I sent OGaI to two smaller press publishers that did not require me to have an agent to submit my book.

The querying process with OGaI was not exactly what a person would call ideal. It started off great. I got a full manuscript request from one of the presses. I really thought I was going to get accepted! And then I heard nothing. Weeks turned to months; we passed the timeframe that they said they would get a response to me by. It turns out that the company that asked for the full manuscript took a break from doing everything for half a year while they made changes to leadership or something, and decided not to tell me. The other one asked for more time to review my manuscript. I was twiddling my thumbs; I basically waited a year and a half just to get an answer from either of those companies only to have them both ultimately turn down OGaI.

I had no idea what to do with OGaI, but after much consideration I eventually decided that self-publishing it was a better option. I was tired of having a perfectly completed, perfectly good story just sit on my hard drive. So, I published it. And I haven't regretted that decision for even a single second since.

I mean... just LOOK at my beautiful baby
(also it's only $0.99 but that sale ends TODAY [11/28/22] so make sure that you snag it while it's that price)

That was my publishing journey for OGaI, as you know (or can look up on my Amazon page) I published that book in September of 2020. Until then, LoT was just sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what I would do with OGaI. After I published it, I turned my attention to LoT and tried to figure out publishing plans for it.

This was something that I pondered for many months while I worked on all of my other projects such as writing RLtG, and continuing my Amar series, and finally editing and publishing A Winter Dark and Deadly. Of Stars and Shadows came out. I wrapped up A Certain Sort of Madness's series and LoT sat on my hard drive watching as all the books I wrote at the same time and even after it were published while I still tried to figure out if I should traditionally or self-publish it.

By this time, I was convinced that self-publishing was a better option for me than traditionally publishing ever could be. But I was not entirely able to give up on my teenage dream of being picked up by a publishing house. LoT was the story I sacrificed to that dream.

One of my biggest peeves with traditional publishers is that if book 1 doesn't do well, they can drop the whole series and leave the author and their readers high and dry (or sometimes if you are lucky they tell you that you have one book to wrap up your series and everything gets crammed into one book and it becomes super rushed, but at least it got to be finished). While I originally planned for LoT to be 5 books long, the first book was a complete story in and of itself. No cliffhangers, there's a resolution. It could technically be a standalone if worst came to worst, right?

But the problem with LoT being a book I planned on sending to a publisher is that I had a lot of books I was working on publishing that had solid deadlines, that I would make money from instead of waiting (possibly a year and a half) for any word about what the publishers were going to do with my book. So, editing LoT and polishing it up kept getting pushed back farther and farther until it just never wound up being done.

Even when I had time to work on LoT I was severely uninspired and would wind up working on something else instead. Something that "needed" to get done first. Finally, I realized the crux of the issue. LoT no longer felt like my book. I was getting it ready to sell it to someone else. That person would hold the rights to the book, decide if there would be a second one, what the cover would look like, even if it would continue to be called League of Thieves. Sure, I would get a say, but the ultimate decision would not be up to me.

And that's when I realized that I didn't want to sell League of Thieves. I didn't even want to query it to see if a publisher would pick it up. Because if they did say yes, I'd be saying no.

Because I want this book to be named League of Thieves

And while I no longer want it to be five books long, I definitely want it to be longer than one book. In fact, I've decided that it will probably be a trilogy.

And I want to release it, I'm tired of pushing it off

And the way to ascertain that all happens is to do it myself. So that's what I'll do. This story of mine, this redheaded stepchild is mine. These characters, these morally gray balls of chaos and energy, belong to me. And their story demands to be told.

I'll post more about this book and its series in the coming weeks! It is a redheaded stepchild no longer.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

A Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale


I'm publishing on a Friday instead of a Monday this week because... it's time for the annual Black Friday Indie Book Sale. I have three books I'm running sales on. Harbinger of the End my standalone romantic fantasy about Loki and Sigyn, Of Gold and Iron my YA fae fantasy, and A Tale of Gods and Glory my horror fantasy that is full of dark humor and sweet friends to lover romance.

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This standalone is perfect for romantic fantasy fans and readers of Emma Hamm and Sylvia Mercedes, who are looking for a new slow-burn, swoon-worthy story. It’s a sweeping tale of love, betrayal, and dragon fire set in a world of Vikings, witches, and gods.

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Join Jaye as she struggles to make her way through the Otherworlds, the home of the faeries from Irish legend. When her brother is threatened by a soul-consuming Unseele Winter Faerie, she turns to the unlikeliest allies to help her save him. Ravven Crowe is an arrogant and aggravating solitary faerie with his own vendetta against the Winter Court. Ravven agrees to help make Jaye into a Fair Assassin, a human allowed to kill fae... but every bargain comes at a price. And the one that Ravven demands might just be more than Jaye can pay.

Only $0.99 through Monday!

The name of Lord Taliz the Champion of Coldhaven is one that almost everyone has heard... but the story? Well, the story is less well known. Now I don’t mean the tale that is sung in every tavern across Ruskhazar. I'm talking about what really happened.

To many people Taliz is a hero, a legend, perhaps a figure made up by the bards. Some believe that he never existed at all. Oh, his home Coldhaven was certainly real enough, but how could someone like Taliz have lived and still be considered a mortal?

But I’m here to tell you, Taliz is real, he existed, and he is not the hero you believe him to be. Yes, he did the things the bards claim. He charmed monsters, rose in status, saved Coldhaven, and then burned it all to the ground. But there was nothing exceptional about him. So, you may ask how did an ordinary man—a foreigner no less—come to be revered as the champion of the very city he destroyed? Well, I suppose if you trust the bard's accounts it’s because there was a worse fate than the fire, but if you ask me... the bards got it all wrong.

Get this adult horror fantasy about werewolves and creatures that hunt werewolves, loyalty and betrayal, and a hero who is also a destroyer named Taliz. It's absolutely FREE through Monday!

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