Sunday, December 25, 2022

Ending the Year With a Bang

Last year, I started out the new year with a bang with the cover reveal of Harbinger of the End.

Whelp, I thought I would do something a bit different this time around and end the year with a bang. So here we are, at the tail end of 2022... and I have an announcement to make.

But first I just want to take a moment first and thank you all for all your support for Harbinger of the End and taking a chance on my portrayal for a very beloved (and occasionally controversial) character like Loki. Your excitement and love of this book has truly warmed my heart and I've been loving seeing your reviews as they roll in. While my readers all have differing opinions on certain things, there seems to be a very specific consensus between them when it comes to this book.

A. They like Loki's voice (which makes me very happy)

B. They like Sigyn and Loki together (which also makes me very happy)

C. They want a sequel (which left me with mixed feelings because I was very much planning on not writing a sequel)

Here are some snippets from reviews I pulled from Goodreads, to show you what I mean.

Anyway, this book is perfection, and its only failing is that it was too short.
-Jes Drew, author of Embrace of Shadows

Wow! What a book! Can we get a book two?
-Addison S. Goodreads reviewer

WHY ISN'T THERE A SEQUEL. excuse me, I NEED more about Loki and Sigyn, please and thank you.
-Miranda Sylvester, Bookstagrammer

And the reviews aren't all, I've had people DMing me telling me how much they loved the book... and how desperately they need a sequel. And while I agreed with my readers, there was definitely potential for more Loki books (I mean, one does not just say that they'll only ever write one Loki book and be done with it), I didn't really have any real ideas for a sequel. Still, the demand for one was very real and as I was brushing my teeth one night, trying to think up some short story to write for my newsletter that would be full of Loki and Sigyn fluff so that I could satisfy some of the people who wanted to see more of them and not have to commit too much... I got an idea.

An impossibly brilliant and terrifying idea.

And it wasn't for a short story... no, I finally had my idea for a Loki sequel.

So, yes, that's my announcement.


I'm writing a Harbinger of the End 2.

What's it about? Well, on my Instagram I've been doing a little game to guess the title and plot using image prompts. Let's see if you can guess correctly...


And what it is about:


Well... if you guessed that the title was The End of Kings and that this will be a retelling of the legend of King Arthur with a Norse mythology twist then you would be absolutely correct!

Loki is back and mischievous as ever, this time he has rashly made a bet with Odin, trying to prove that he doesn't unleash chaotic decay on everything he touches and that he is capable of creating a great hero without destroying his life. Now under the guise of a mysterious sorcerer named Merlin, Loki takes young Arthur under his wing to teach him to be the greatest hero Midgard has ever seen.

Sigyn meanwhile is desperate to find some way to ascertain that hers and Loki's love for each other has indeed stopped Ragnarök or if the horrible things that she saw in her visions of the future will be her destiny after all.

But the Celts have their own gods...gods that won't take kindly to meddling immortals.

Unleash the gods of Norse mythology on Briton, unleash the Anglo-Saxon hordes, and unleash the heroic knights of old. The End of Kings is coming December of 2023.