Sunday, January 1, 2023

A Look Into My 2023 Publishing Schedule

2022 draws to a close, leaving the question... what does 2023 have in store?

Well, I cannot answer that question broadly, but as far as my publishing plans for next year go, I can share those.

Last year, I published 5 books. This year it is my goal to release 8 print titles and three Vella.

I always feel a little leery sharing my publishing plans, since there are many things that could happen to throw them off that are entirely out of my control, but as far as it is in my control, this is what I intend to do next year.

I'm planning to bring two of my YA series to a close with the release of Of Dawn and Fire and An Era of Evil, Dragons, and Dark Lords. As these two series come to a close I plan on introducing two brand new YA series, An Apprentice of Death and Seer's Tapestry.

As far as adult fiction goes, I have three releases lined up for that for next year, The Gods Created Monsters and Ancient Gods and Dead Girls which are both books set in Ruskhazar, my adult fantasy world. Harbinger of the End is also getting a sequel.

And then I'm diving into Vella with both feet. I have three books that I plan on releasing through that. The continuation of League of ThievesAwoken my first Gaming Lit/Lit RPG book, as well as a Ruskhazar story that I'm currently calling The Magicker and the Monster which is a part of The Assassin's Guide to Cheating the Gods (in case any of you remember that story I introduced a few years back).

February 13th

My first release of next year is the book one in my upcoming YA high fantasy series following the journey of a Death Elf assassin and the elite warrior who she is supposed to kill... You can pre-order this title now to have it delivered to your Kindles just in time for Valentines Day.

March 15th

Then we have the next installment in the Ruskhazar saga, this is the start of a whole new series, but it is also the next chapter in the unfolding story of the end of the world. It can be read with or separate from Rage Like the Gods and my other Ruskhazar installments. This title is also available for pre-order.


Of Dawn and Fire (Of Dreams and Nightmares Trilogy book 3)

The thrilling conclusion of the ODaN trilogy then comes out late spring/early summer of this year. Cover reveal and pre-order information will be coming soon.

In December I plan to finally bring my My Time in Amar series to a close with the epic finale An Era of Evil, Dragons, and Dark Lords.

Strings Kings and Dead Things (The Seer's Tapestry 1)

The first in a YA series with enemies to lovers, charming and attractive villains, and a dark academia setting.

An Apprentice of Death novella

In October I'm planning on releasing an Apprentice of Death novella.

The End of Kings

The much asked-for sequel to Harbinger of the End, Britannic legends and Norse myths mix as Loki under the guise of a sorcerer named Merlin trains up a young King Arthur and Sigyn desperately seeks a way to make certain that Ragnarök is stopped once and for all.

As well as publishing these books, I also have a plan on releasing the A Glimpse into the Unkown book bundle in print and Kindle. I'm also hoping to release my Return to Amar Omnibus in print.

And on top of all that, there are also the books I'm releasing through Kindle Vella.

League of Thieves

(Temporary cover by CK Beggan)

I've already been releasing episodes of LoT, my middle eastern heist novel, on Vella, you can catch up on them now. New episodes come out every Friday.

An Assassin's Guide to Cheating the Gods

This standalone prequel set in Ruskhazar twenty years before the events of Rage Like the Gods about an assassin lord, an elf ranger, and a young magicker all unwittingly pitted against each other as they are strangely connected through the curse of vampirism. I plan on releasing this in three different seasons, to go with the three POVs of this book. My current plan is for Season One to be about Bryn, the magicker who finds herself falling in love with her boss. Hoping to have this story start releasing by February/March!


My LitRPG/Gaming Lit novel Awoken will be releasing on Vella soon. I don't have a set date when I'll start putting episodes up, but I'm hoping sometime this summer. Then when it starts going up I plan on releasing it on a weekly basis as well.

Well, there you have it. My 2023 publishing plans.

Some of you may already follow my Schedule page so none of this will be new to you. If you don't already follow that page I suggest you do, it is the best place to find news for my publishing plans. I do my best to keep it up to date, although since I'm talking about years from now (I go up to 2025), obviously my plans shift and change sometimes. Still, it's the most accurate glimpse into my current publishing plans.

If you don't see your anticipated release in this blog post, first of all I'm so sorry I wish I both had the time and money to put out all the books I want to next year but alas. But if you don't see your anticipated release listed here check that page and see if it is listed there. For instance, Rage Like the Gods 2 is coming out in 2024 because it's way too long of a book and there's no way I could get it done in time to publish this year.

Happy New Year to you all. And happy reading!

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