Sunday, January 15, 2023

2023 Goals



That's my word going into 2023.

Hope is our four letter word. Make that money, watch it burn...

There are so many inspiring quotes and scripture verses surrounding hope, and yet what inspired me to choose that word as my word for 2023 was that line from Counting Stars, so yes, I'm going to go reconsider my priorities now...


I don't have too many goals for this new year, but I have a few big ones.

I'll start with a small one first though... be a bit more active, I have an unfortunately sedentary lifestyle. I need to remember to get up and stretch my legs more between writing sessions.

But on to my big goal of 2023...I want to break even on my books. Right now, I'm putting in more money than I get out of them. I want that to change this year. Last year was a huge writing year and I made so much more in royalties then than I've made any year previous. I want to build off that. Breaking even is the next big step in having a career as an author.

How do I intend to do that, you may ask?

Well, I'm planning on publishing seven books (for those of you who read my 2023 release post, yes that is one fewer than I originally said, I've decided to push back a couple of my Ruskhazar books because I realized that I was just absolutely flooding you with so many new Ruskhazar series. It was enough to make my head spin and I'm sure it wasn't any easier for you to keep straight).

I'm also planning to put out two new book bundles/omnibuses

I'm not really planning on doing too many more alternate cover editions. they just aren't earning out and I need to focus my time and resources on things that are. I plan on finishing the MTiA series since they all look so nice together. I'm still figuring out whether I'll do book 3 of Of Dawn and Fire in an alternate cover. On one hand, I don't want to not have the series completed, but on the other hand... that series really isn't earning out as hardback and I would just be sinking money in it if I go for it.

I'm also diving fully into Vella, it's my goal to release three books on that platform next year. For those of you not aware, Vella is a serial novelization site where books are updated weekly by episodes.

A few other things that I'm considering this year...

Attend a conference????

Get my book featured in a book box???

Be able to afford not to have to get a second job???

Release a special edition of one of my books??? (which differs from alternate editions because it will have bonus, exclusive content)

Another thing I want to note is that I will no longer be posting weekly to this blog. Since I'm going to be working on Vella stories and trying to write episodes for it weekly (for at least two stories, the other is already written and will hopefully be finished being edited by the end of this week as well) it's really just going to be too much to try to keep up with that all, my other writing schedules, posting on this blog, newsletters, Instagram, and the other gazillion things I have to do like eat, sleep, and live. So, I'm going to be posting less regularly on this blog. I'll start off with an every other week posting schedule and go from there to see what works out for my schedule.

So there you have it, my few and non-specific goals for 2023. Mainly it involves a lot of writing and remembering to stretch my legs. What are your plans for the new year?

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