Monday, February 3, 2020

Dronefall Halftime Blog Tour

Hi everyone I'm back. I fully understand the irony of the fact that my goal in 2020 being to blog more and then I basically don't post at all for January except in the first week.

So yeah...

*coughs awkwardly*

Anyway while I try to figure out a consistent blogging schedule for the rest of the year, here is a nice little blog tour post to tide you over.

I don't know about you guys, but I will admit that I have been on a bit of a Science Fiction fix and since I am new to the genre, I don't know that many authors or books in this niche. Which makes me very interested in the Dronefall Series.

About the series

In the early 2040’s, in a European city choked by surveillance drones, Halcyon Slavic takes her
place with a group of Christians who are slowly losing their rights. They are determined to stay
on the right side of the law, even as it continues to oppress them. But Halcyon doesn’t have
their patience. At night, she’s a drone-sniper—part of a criminal underworld that defends the
Christians secretly.
But there are larger threats to face than the technological menace that haunts the airspace. A
rot is spreading from the heart of society. They’re trying to rebuild a reality without God. As a
result, they’re creating a world without justice, truth, or hope. They’re determined to destroy all
Halcyon lives for, and crush the only family she’s ever had.
Follow Halcyon and her drone-sniping comrades through the dark maze their world has
become, searching for light and triumph over lies and hatred.

About the Author

A. L. Buehrer is a speculative fiction author on a mission to bring courage, wonder and hope to
the Christian audience. She revels in creating twisty plots, set in atmospheric worlds, populated
by vivid characters, and pointing readers to the eternal beauty of Jesus Christ. Other interests
include nerdy stuff, Earl Grey tea, and giving weird nicknames to cats.
She blogs at:
Her website:

I also think it bears mentioning that the first three books are currently only $0.99  O.O

Okay, bye for now. I will be back this month with more posts and maybe even a game plan.


  1. Nicki: *posts eight posts in the first week of January*


    Nicki: Well I mean POSTS ARE GETTING WRITTEN *dies*

    In fairness, you've had a very busy month, darling, and we all understand <3 No worries at all.

    and wow, this sounds very interesting indeed! :D

  2. Thanks for participating Nicki. Hope you get your schedule figured out.��

  3. Girl, I feel you. I only posted once in January.... *winces* OOPS. Why life gotta be so busy??

    WOW this sounds good!